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Balancing Real Estate and Flower Farming

Yes, I am a Realtor. I love actively working with both buyers and sellers to help them find and live in the home of their dreams. Realestate is my top priority and I apply the same hardworking principles from my Flower Business to my Realestate Business.

I love doing both. Working from home affords me the opportunity to successfully operate both businesses and maintain a professional and creative balance. I find nothing more fulfilling than the thrill of negotiating an offer or working through an inspection objection and then afterwards walking the flower field and surrounding myself with beautiful flowers and the calming rituals of manual labor working the fields and building beautiful bouquets. As a bonus, my clients and I can very safely interact at the farm as there is plenty of space to socially distance on 30 acres.

Tabor Acres is an Organic Flower Farm growing over 12,000 flowers for Market bouquets, wedding arrangements, grocery store bundles and floral design. We sell what we grow, and provide opportunities to local residents to learn how to grow plants as well as start and operate a business. It takes a lot of work, determination, and as much money as you have to put into it:)

We pride ourselves on using organic and sustainable processes to grow our flowers as well as our vegetables, Eggs, Honey and Hay.

Unfortunately the 'big' flower industry is a significant contributor to the carbon emissions and pesticide proliferation that negatively impacts the quality of our soil, ground water and our pollinators. We at Tabor Acres Farm want to change that by offering locally field grown, pesticide free products. Buy local, buy sustainable. Please visit us at:

I Balance building spreadsheets, writing contracts, ordering flowers, listing homes, negotiating deals, arranging flowers, and attended training, both businesses are part of my daily routine, and it's totally possibly to be successful at both. It keeps me personally and professionally balanced, mentally sharp and fuels ideas for both businesses.

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